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New Year

As you know, Christmas is coming. Remains only a month before the New Year! What do you think about it? How would you like to celebrate this holiday? What is the holiday atmosphere for you? Personally, it is Christmas tree, a lot of mandarins, and snow. Would you like to get together to take a walk on holiday? Maybe skating? LU


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1 LSvetlanaM • 19:38, 23.11.2017
I think the most important thing that is touchy in New Year is children’s happiness.
As for celebration, I guess it's a family holiday. So I prefer to celebrate it with my relatives. Besides, my daughter has a birthday on the 31 December. Guests, tasty dinner, a lot of presents.
New Year comes into your house as soon as you decorate it. Christmas tree makes a holiday atmosphere.

Thanks for your post, Polina
Be more active, my dear students!
2 nata19volk • 21:01, 28.11.2017
New Year is my favorite holiday! Usually I celebrate it together with all members of my lovely family.
The other day dad bought mandarins and we could feel the smell of New Year in our house! I can't wait to put the Christmas tree and decorate it with the bright  lights.

This cartoon helps you to feel  the atmosphere of  New Year! I think everyone watched  it in his childhood! Take a dip into childhood!
3 LSvetlanaM • 23:46, 29.11.2017
Thanks for your post, Natasha. I guess everybody will watch this cartoon with pleasure one more time.
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