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11 class

Start your blog in English. Write two or three posts a week. You can include anything: your everyday life, things that worry you or make you happy, your hobbies, pictures, links to interesting information, etc

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1 LSvetlanaM • 10:35, 15.11.2017
My dear students, I know that you are really busy now.
You are getting ready for your exams.

So let's help  each other to relax a little bit and share more positive and interesting things about you and your life.
I'm waiting for your posts. :)
THX in advance.
2 juliatoropova32 • 19:13, 16.11.2017
Recently, I watched the film "The Guardians of the Galaxy" in two parts. I really liked this movie. Everything is fine in it: humor, acting, special effects, graphics.
I advise everyone to watch this film. I'm waiting for your opinion 
:D LU :heart:
9 LSvetlanaM • 18:03, 17.11.2017

You can watch an official trailer here

Look at the picture and guess the genre of this film  smile
10 LSvetlanaM • 18:13, 17.11.2017
I'm really interested in who is this lady with a green face

She could be  Shrek's wife wink 

3 svetik310778 • 21:52, 16.11.2017
Dear friend, as soon as I have a little time, I will definitely see this wonderful work of cinema art.
4 svetik310778 • 21:59, 16.11.2017
We have such a good teacher of English.  You go to English as on a demonstration on 7 November or 9 May, with a good mood and with only one thought that Svetlana Mikhailovna prepared for us something interesting.
7 LSvetlanaM • 15:59, 17.11.2017
Nikita, you are flattering me.  shy  Anyway, TNX for your warm words.
I guess, it's your mother's account, that's why your nickname is SVETIK. wink  Am I right?

My regards to your mother (Svetlana Valer'evna) smile
5 GpolinaD2012 • 22:07, 16.11.2017
Unfortunately, I haven't watched films for a long time. So, let's talk about something else. I started to watch serial called "Stranger things" a few days ago. It's really cool and a little bit scary. IMHO the cast of the serial is excellent! hands If you saw "Stranger things", what do you think about it? H&K:v:H&K:v:
8 LSvetlanaM • 16:56, 17.11.2017
Hello, Polina,
To be honest I watched this serial too ( the first season). The plot of the story is intriguing. I guess you should watch it from the beginning to understand everything. BTW, I noticed that one actor from the cast played in the film "It". Do you know his?
15 GpolinaD2012 • 18:04, 23.11.2017
Yes, I know:) His name is Finn Wolfhard AFAIK and he's very talented heart 
BTW "It" is great too! We watched it with Anzhela, Nastya and Natasha. We were very exsited and little frightened cry IMHO the woman from the painting is the most scary part of the film :fear:
14 nata19volk • 19:28, 22.11.2017
Oо, heard a lot about this series, but something does. I think we should start to watch? :batman:
6 Fenix_Bro • 23:48, 16.11.2017
At the weekend I am going to learn how to play some new songs on a guitar. So, you can ask me to learn your favorite song. By the way, what you are going to do at the weekend?
11 LSvetlanaM • 18:25, 17.11.2017
Well done!
It 's a great way to relax. But don't forget about your future exams ;)

FYI we'll have a week of foreign languages at school soon. Choose the song and learn it by heart.

I promise to think about your offer.
12 Fenix_Bro • 10:13, 22.11.2017
The answer is negative
13 nata19volk • 19:24, 22.11.2017
Hello! Finally I have time to write you here.
I want to ask you what would you like to see in New year at school? xmas I really appreciate your opinion! :up:
16 GpolinaD2012 • 18:10, 23.11.2017
To be honest, I have no idea shy  AFAIK you have come up with something:) It is in style "one-on-one", isn't it?
17 nata19volk • 20:10, 23.11.2017
Yes, we have an idea. we want to spend New year in the style of "one-on-one". But I have to ask people they agree or not.
18 LSvetlanaM • 20:17, 23.11.2017
I know that my class is responsible for the New Year party at school. If to be honest I haven't thought about it yet. Sorry    Natasha, maybe you can help my students and share some ideas with them. Thanks in advance
19 anzhelasheglova2016 • 21:25, 23.11.2017
Now, it's my turn to write here. I recently returned home from Nizhny Novgorod with my aunt. We went home by car. She's a driver. But I wasn't only passenger: besides me in the car were two dogs and a small white kitten happy I can say one thing - the trip was crazy, but funny.LOL.Do you like animals?
21 GpolinaD2012 • 17:02, 27.11.2017
I like animals very much! I even have two dogs: Rex and Jack :laugh: I would like to have a cat but, unfortunately, a have an allergy :(
20 Mario • 07:04, 24.11.2017
I woke up, it's 7 am, I need to get ready for school, but I really want to sleep. How do you like to start school at 9am?
22 nata19volk • 21:03, 28.11.2017
I think that's a great idea)
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